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Ketamine Scholarship

If you are currently seeking ketamine treatment, but cannot afford access, PAF may be able to partially or fully cover your treatment. Our sponsorship program is intended to make psychedelic healing more equitable and to support members of our community who are experiencing financial hardship. Treatment varies by provider, but typically includes preparation, integration, and 6 Ketamine dosing sessions.

Approval Process

Funds are limited and are supplied based on financial need and healing potential. We give priority to minority groups and vulnerable, underserved communities including but not limited to BIPOC individual, previously incarcerated individuals, women, low-income, survivors of sexual harm, etc. 


Our team will reach out to you via the email address provided, if being considered for a scholarship. Please understand that the magnitude of people who need care and can not afford access is higher than we would be able to serve. 

There are three rounds to the selection process: 

  1. Complete initial application form.

  2. Complete a short Zoom screening with the Psychedelic Access Fund to determine financial eligibility and healing potential.

  3. Complete a medical screening with a ketamine provider of our choice to determine medical eligibility. ​

This is our small contribution to creating reality where everyone has access to psychedelic healing, regardless of their inability to pay for it. We trust that other organizations and individuals are doing their part to increase access as well. 


Become a Provider

At this time, we are only accepting partners who wish to donate scholarship slots  as an in-kind, tax deductible donation receipt. 

Our Partnered Providers

Integrity, Expertise, and a Passion For Access

The therapists and group practices below have all gone through our vetting process to become an approved provider in service of our our ketamine scholarships.

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