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Your donation helps bring psychedelic healing to someone who needs it. A portion will cover operational expenses, and our staff is 100% volunteer based.

Access Fund

We help sponsor psychedelic healing opportunities.


We pay for technology, administration fees, venues, supplies, and more.

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Event Collaboration

As a psychedelic professional or community member, you can use your skills to host or collaborate on a community event, such as an integration circle, workshop, panel, ceremony, and more. 

Help With Operations

We are a 100% grassroots, volunteer-based organization. We need help with the following:

Event Production, Social Media, Administration, Program Development, Marketing, Web design, Graphic Design, Fundraising, Content, Community Management, and more. 

Become a Sponsor


We are looking for company sponsors who can provide financial support for events, services, operational costs, healing-opportunity sponsorships, and more. 

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Want to become a sponsor? Contact us:

Thanks for submitting!

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