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Your donation helps bring psychedelic healing to someone who needs it. A portion will cover operational expenses. Our team is 100% Volunteer based.

72% of adults diagnosed with depression are considered ‘low or middle income’ with less than $5,300 in their bank account right now

Average cost of Psychedelic Healing

6 Ketamine infusions:     $2,000-$6,000

1 Psilocybin Session:     $1,500-$3,500

MDMA Program:    $11,000-$15,000

Action Paths: 

“Many of us have been fortunate enough to experience the healing benefits of psychedelics and plant-medicine. After our own transformation and/or awakening, it's only natural for us to shepherd others along the path. As a collective who believes in creating a healed, conscious, and connected world, we can take action to safely invite others into their psychedelic healing journey, leaving no person behind.” - Jeanie Lee, founder of PAF 


Your donation helps bring psychedelic healing to someone in need. A portion will help cover operational expenses. 


If you have ideas about how our organizations can collaborate, we want to hear them. Contact us with details on how we can make an impact together. 


Our team is 100% volunteer-based, so we need individuals with free time and skill sets to help do our work. 

Become a provider

We are interested in working with psychedelic providers who are passionate about access. We are currently accepting providers who are willing to donate pro-bono services.

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