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Searching for New Executive Director

The Psychedelic Access Fund is beginning a search for a new Executive Director. 

PAF launched in January of 2023 as a vision of community healing, with a mission to enable equitable and safe access to psychedelic-assisted therapies. As part of that mission, PAF provides financial sponsorships, direct services, and fosters community. PAF exists because of a shared desire to create a world with safe, supported psychedelic healing that is accessible for all. It is with this in mind that we are searching for someone with experience leading a non-profit to help bring PAF to new levels and expand our ability to fulfill our mission. 

Until this point, PAF has been a volunteer-run organization. Our founder, Jeanie Lee, has big hopes and dreams for PAF. Since starting, this nonprofit has grown into a substantial project that needs the guidance of an experienced visionary to guide it through its next phase of growth. 

The Executive Director is responsible for leading the organization, ensuring financial sustainability, fundraising, cultivating of new programs, building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, and continuing to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. 

The new Executive Director will have the ability to take over a new nonprofit that has an established brand, audience, and program offering.

The ideal candidate will use a strategic mindset to drive the future success of the company by aligning teams under one vision. With responsibility for all program areas, this candidate will execute all areas of need for the organization including management in the following areas: fiscal, operational, program development, community relations, and board relations. 

  • Annually create a strategic organizational plan and overall budget

  • Maintain a climate that attracts and retains a talented and diverse staff/volunteers

  • Create and maintain relationships with individuals and organizations to facilitate success of organization's financial future

  • Prepare agendas, reports, and materials for board meetings

  • Continued management and development of new programs and offerings

  • 5+ years of experience in a leadership/management role for a non-profit or psychedelic therapy field preferred

  • 2-3 years of experience fundraising or major gifts knowledge preferred

  • Must be able to consistently contribute 10+ hour per week to PAF 

  • Strong understanding of mental health, equity, and psychedelic assisted therapies

  • Ability to take initiative and ownership to grow the non-profit

  • Ability to collaborate and motivate others

  • Creative problem-solving skills and vision

  • Embodies integrity, humbleness, and self-awareness

  • Dynamic, open, and flexible


To date, PAF has been run as a part-time, volunteer organization. However, a stipend is available for the first few months. 

As an organization with less than four employees, a salary range is not required for this posting, but will be discussed during interviews.

Apply on LinkedIn before August 1st, 2024.

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