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Community Based Healing


The Psychedelic Access Fund partners with retreat providers who wish to donate scholarship slots to a qualifying participant.

A therapy setting with women

IFS-Informed Ketamine Retreats For Women

We partner with EVOLVEIntegration to offer beautiful retreats weekends in Upstate New York. You'll give yourself the gift of time to slow down, rest and facilitate a connection with your inner healer, while in community with 12 women (or those identifying). Retreats are informed by Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing and the Principles of Spiritual Psychology. You'll also participate in a Sacred Sound Journey, featuring singing bowls, percussion, the Monolina, and voice.


Included: (2) zoom preparatory sessions, yoga/breath-work classes, sound journey performance, (2) post-retreat zoom integration sessions. PAF provides one-on-one preparation and integration sessions with one of our trained providers. 

About EVOLVEIntegration

EVOLVEIntegration is co-led by Rebecca Hendrix, LMFT and Elizabeth Anable, PhD, who each have over a decade of psychotherapy experience and a wealth of spiritual psychology modalities in their toolbelt. Their approach is harm reduction-focused, with preparation and integration sessions essential throughout the KAP journey. In addition to retreats, EVOLVEIntegration offers individual, couples, & group KAP.

A comfortable therapy setting with beds

Become a Provider

At this time, we are only accepting partners who wish to donate scholarship slots as an in-kind, tax deductible donation receipt. 

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