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Ketamine Sponsorship

If you are currently seeking ketamine treatment, but cannot afford access, PAF may be able to partially or fully cover your treatment. Our sponsorship program is intended to make psychedelic healing more equitable and to support members of our community who are experiencing financial hardship. Funds are limited and are supplied based on financial need and healing potential. Please review the following self assessments to understand your eligibility: 

  1. Financial self assessment

  2. Healing potential self assessment  

There are three rounds to the selection process: 

1. Complete initial application form.

2. Complete a short Zoom screening with the Psychedelic Access Fund to determine financial eligibility and healing potential.

3. Complete a  medical screening with a ketamine clinic of our choice to determine medical eligibility. 

This is our first step in creating a reality where everyone has access to psychedelic healing, regardless of their inability to pay for it. 

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Women's Ketamine Retreat Sponsorship

We are partnering with Rebecca Hendrix, LMFT and Elizabeth Anable, PhD LMHC of EvolveIntegration to offer a donated slot for a Women's ketamine retreat. The applicant will only be responsible for paying $250 for the medical intake consultation and their transportation costs. The retreat and lodging will be included in the sponsorship.

We are grateful to partner with organizations who believe in psychedelic access and feel honored to offer this experience to someone who will benefit.

In this program, you will receive:

- Two group ketamine sessions

- Therapeutic frameworks informed by Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing and the Principles of Spiritual Psychology for accessing your own inner healing intelligence.

- A Sacred Sound Journey by renowned sound practitioner Elana Bell. Using instruments including singing bowls, percussion, the Monolina and her voice, Elana will guide you into a deep relaxation state where you can tune in to your healing frequency and connect to your essential core.

- Two preparatory sessions and one post-retreat integration session.

- Additional preparation and integration provided by the Psychedelic Access Fund.

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